We all know that the importance of a good face moisturizer can’t be overstated—whether a woman is pregnant or not. But you may not know that before, during and after you're pregnant, you should use a face moisturizer that doesn’t contain loads of xenoestrogens—chemicals that act as synthetic estrogen in the body and which put your baby at risk of future reproductive disorders and you at risk of worsened acne and melasma.
Your favorite brand of face moisturizer is likely carrying these xenoestrogens in the form of preservatives and synthetic fragrances. It’s also likely that your current moisturizer contains a chemical sunscreen or retinoids that are a source of concern for birth defects when used during pregnancy. Then again, it might be that your face moisturizer has herbal or natural ingredients that are perfectly safe for women who are pregnant, but which may be inadvertently worsening your hormonal skin. Soy and lecithin in your moisturizer, for example, could increase the severity of your mask of pregnancy.

Easy as pie, right? Yeah, we know how overwhelming it is as an expectant mom to start screening your food, drinks, house cleaning and beauty products to get cleaner and safer for your baby’s health and well-being. That’s why we offer the face moisturizers below, made just for pregnant women. They deliver the best of both safety and efficacy, so you can easily do what’s best for your pregnancy, your baby, and your beauty without extra worry. 
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