Maternity Pajamas

The wonderful thing about maternity pajamas and sleepwear is that unlike other clothes you buy for pregnancy, these will be just as useful to you AFTER you have your baby as while you are still pregnant. 

Each of the maternity pajamas and sleepwear styles below also functions as nursing sleepwear, enabling you to: 
  • conveniently breastfeed your newborn at night
  • be both comfortable and modest at the hospital or at home with visitors coming to see the new baby 
  • avoid the itchy hospital gown during or after labor & delivery
Plus, the birthing gowns below can serve not only as maternity sleepwear and nursing sleepwear, but they are also designed to cover you, while providing health care providers with necessary access, during birth  

Maternity pajamas make a great gift for a baby shower.
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