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5 Reasons Women Should Wear Their Own Maternity Hospital Gowns

Posted by Administrator to Maternity Clothes
Wearing your own delivery gown at the hospital may help you feel more relaxed & less frightened, ultimately helping you have a less painful birth. In one study, people reported increased feelings of fear and anxiety when they put on the hospital gown upon admission. And because women wearing their own delivery gowns are often complimented by their nurses and other women, they get a boost of confidence and positive reinforcement, which could also help on your big Birth Day. Read more reasons to pack your own delivery gown in your hospital bag.

Maternity Valentine’s Day Dress

Posted by Administrator to Maternity Clothes
Check out this Valentine's Day maternity dress suggestion inspired by burlesque queen Dita von Teese. Get your mojo on moms!

Meet the Woman Behind Annee Matthew

Posted by Administrator to Maternity Clothes
Annee Neo is a mother in Singapore who was inspired to design her own line of nursing clothes when she found it impossible to find cute clothing for pregnancy and breast feeding anywhere. Today, her successful company, Annee Matthew, has grown to serve new mothers world-wide, including the United States. Maternitique CEO and founder met and interviewed Ms. Neo about her experiences as a new mother, fashion tips, how to buy maternity clothes and more. 

Tips for Wearing Maternity Clothes

Posted by Administrator to Maternity Clothes
Have you ever been frustrated at how you look or feel in maternity clothes? Of course you have. We don't know any pregnant woman who hasn't! In this blog post, our CEO offers tips for how to shop for, try on and wear maternity clothes in a way that helps you feel comfortable and confident, dare we say, even cute, through your maternity year.

A Note About Nursing Bra Size

Posted by Administrator to Pregnancy Humor
This week's Friday Funny captures the moment when a first-time pregnant mom goes to buy her nursing bras, only to learn that her size will change and she may have to shop again soon.

How to Wear Turquoise Color Trend

Posted by Administrator to Maternity Clothes
From fingers to toes, here are some ideas for maternity styles in turquoise to keep you on trend during your summer pregnancy.

Coral Color Trend in Maternity

Posted by Administrator to Maternity Clothes
See how to incorporate this season's coral style trend into your maternity wardrobe this summer. From fingernails to feet, there are cheerful orange suggestions.

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