Maternity Belly Band - Black

Maternity Belly Band - Black
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Maternity Belly Band from Baby Be Mine is a simple, but essential, maternity accessory that you'll wear and use throughout pregnancy and during your recovery. With multiple ways to wear it, the Maternity Belly Band (this one in black) allows you continue wearing your favorite pre-pregnancy clothes longer, and get back into them faster after baby is born.

Here's how:
  • When your pregnant belly first appears, your pants and skirts won't button, but with the Maternity Belly Band, you can leave them un-buttoned and still hold them up. 
  • As your shirts and tops begin to fail to cover your growing stomach, the Maternity Belly Band fills the gaps.
  • After birth, your body will be too small to fill out your maternity clothes, but too large to fit back into regular clothes. While your belly shrinks, the Maternity Belly Band helps you get through that awkward stage again in between sizes.
Two other ways you can wear the Maternity Belly Band include:
  • Hiding the belly panels on maternity pants and skirts
  • Fold your maternity waistbands under your belly and stretch the Maternity Belly Band over your stomach for a more comfortable feel
The Maternity Belly Band in Black is machine washable. Made of 95% cotton with 5% elastane for stretch. 
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