Mask of Pregnancy

The mask of pregnancy is hyperpigmentation, or darkening of the skin, that shows up in patches on your face, neck, chest, shoulders and arms. Pregnant women experience this hyperpigmentation because guessed it: hormones. The darker your skin tone, the more at risk you are of experiencing the mask of pregnancy. 

Hyperpigmentation and "sun spots" are generally treated the same way as the mask of pregnancy, with skin bleaches such as hydroquinone, or via chemical peels or laser therapies. Unfortunately, none of these options is suitable for pregnant women.

Find all of the safest, most effective mask of pregnancy treatments at Maternitique below. No hydroquinone, no bleach, no ingredients to threaten your pregnancy or your baby. Keep in mind, however, that treating the mask of pregnancy topically during pregnancy is difficult at best. Expect to see only slight fading of your dark spots, and for best results, use spot treatments on the hyperpigmented areas only. 

The best thing you can to for the mask of pregnancy is to avoid it all together by wearing an SPF 30 pregnancy-safe sunscreen all day, every day.
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