Lemon Glow Iced Herbal Tea for Pregnancy - Case of 12

Lemon Glow Iced Herbal Tea for Pregnancy - Case of 12
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Lemon Glow Iced Herbal Tea for Pregnancy from Hey Mama Tea is a great-tasting, convenient, nutritive tea designed to help your uterus shelter your baby and prepare you both for an easier, less painful childbirth. 

Red raspberry leaf and nettles are the active herbal ingredients that nourish your uterus, blood, and body, delivering calcium, iron and B vitamins. Used by pregnant women for millennia to help make childbirth easier and faster, we know today that red raspberry leaf contains an alkaloid called "fragrine" which makes the uterine wall stronger and supports regular, smooth contractions.  

Lemon Glow Iced Herbal Tea for Pregnancy tastes almost exactly like an Arnold Palmer (1/2 iced tea, 1/2 lemonade) but with 15% of your RDA iron and only 10g of sugar, it's a less-sweet way (less caloric way) to naturally refresh, thirst quench and obtain key nutrient support for your hard-working uterine muscle. Oh, and this tea is naturally caffeine-free, so it's a no-worry way to hydrate and support your pregnancy.

What does it taste like? Lightly tangy and almost unsweetened with a dominant lemon flavor followed by a black-tea flavor (which is from the red raspberry leaf).

Ingredients: water, lemon juice concentrate, pure cane sugar*, red raspberry leaf**, nettle leaf**, red Rooibos tea leaves**

* Fair Trade Certified and Organic
** Certified Organic

12 bottles; each contains 12 oz
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