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Know Your Pregnancy Skin Type

Posted by Administrator to Skin Care
Do you know your skin type? Do you know that your skin type can change during pregnancy?

You may know that dermatologists and estheticians advise women to do a check their complexion seasonally, as your skin may change based on environmental and weather influences.

But did you know that your skin type can change (sometimes several times) during pregnancy due to the fluctuation of hormones?

Early pregnancy's surges can cause sudden oil flows. Later, dry skin seems more prevalent and the hormones may reduce your body's capacity to produce collagen and elastin, increasing risk of stretch marks.

Knowing your skin type is important because skin care products are formulated differently to work best on different types of skin. Products with acids or alcohols in them are drying—so if you have dry skin, you'll worsen your problem when you use skin care products with these ingredients. Alternatively, some products with oils in them may aggravate already oily skin.

Once in a while, there will be a customer who orders every pregnancy acne treatment we carry and, inevitably, several of them won't work for her because they're made for specific skin types.

At Maternitique, we try to note in the product description which skin type will best fit with that skin care product. If there isn't one specified, it's usually because it can work with all skin types.

Most of our skin care products are actually made to fit a broad swath of women. The acids or alcohols may be in a small enough concentration that if your skin is borderline dry, or not always dry, they're not going to over-dry you. Similarly, the oils and moisturizers in most of our skin care products are designed to be balancing and easily absorbed, so even if you have borderline oily skin, you may be able to use our cream-based cleansers with good results.

That said, using products that are moisture-promoting in conjunction with those that are moisture-stripping is just going to confuse your skin. If you're in doubt about which skin care products you should use, rather than buy an assortment, call or email to inquire. You can save time and money getting advice.

The first thing we're going to ask you before recommending a skin care product is "what's your skin type?" Be prepared for this question by keeping up with your skin type every three months. And before you begin your shopping for skin care products anywhere, first determine your skin type.

Here's what you do to determine your skin type during pregnancy or at any time:

1. Using a mild cleanser formulated for a "normal" skin type, wash your face gently with lukewarm water and then towel dry. Don't apply any moisturizer or anything else at this point, just go about your business.

2. After an hour, take stock of how your skin feels.

You have dry skin if...your skin feels tight or has visible flaking.

You have combination skin see some oil on your forehead, around your nose or under your lower lip.

You have oily skin have noticeable shine all over your face and need to blot.

You have sensitive skin feel itchy or irritated or see redness.

I'm definitely a dry to sensitive skin type and now that the weather is cooling and the forced air heat is on, it's even more obvious how dry my skin is. I see flakes in patches AND my skin is itchy after doing this test.

How about you? What's your skin type during pregnancy?

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