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How to Make Baby's First Easter Basket

Posted by Administrator to Holidays
babys first easter basketIf you have a new baby at home and celebrate Easter, it's time to put together your baby's first Easter basket.

As a mom, I loved—okay, still love even though she’s now 17—putting together Easter baskets for my daughter.

When she was a baby, I kept it simple—and that's my suggestion for you, too. There's plenty of time to out-do yourself with future Easter baskets. While you have an infant, there's no need to go overboard (and really, who has the time and energy?).

Anyway, here are some ideas to help you put together your new baby's first Easter basket. I've tried my best to find eco-friendly options that include healthy, non-toxic and nurturing suggestions for your infant.

How to Make Baby's First Easter Basket

1. The Basket

pottery barn easter basket
If I had to do it over again, I'd get a personalized Easter basket instead of a generic one to use from year-to-year. With your new baby here, now is the perfect time to start this tradition for your family. Visit Pottery Barn Kids to order a small or large-sized Pottery Barn Sabrina Easter Basket ($24-$34) and then choose a Personalized Basket Liner ($12-$34).

These are sold separately at Pottery Barn Kids, so don't be confused and order only the liner, or you won't have anything to put it in! The Pottery Barn basket liners come in solid colors, stripes and prints. Stripes are my favorite, but check out the other styles they have available. Order baby's name on it to make Easter extra-special each year. Your child will love to remember waking up and seeing on Easter morning that the Easter bunny came with a basket with his/her name on it!

2. The Grass

green paper shredI fill my daughter's Easter basket with paper grass, instead of plastic. If you're making a first-time Easter purchase, an idea is Green Way Eco Fill Shred from Nashville Wraps (lime green pictured, $21.50). Unfortunately, it's available only in a 10 lb you either are making a couple of baskets for the whole family (do you have twins or triplets?) or you can go in on the purchase with another family. I've succeeded in finding eco-friendly paper grass in local stores, too.

Another cute and eco-friendly idea is to purchase a reusable green silk scarf to put inside the basket liner as a green "nest." Here's a cute Waldorf Easter basket nest waldorf easter eggsfrom Etsy complete with felt eggs and a bunny ($12).
3. Easter Bunny

Every Easter basket needs to have a bunny in it. A new baby obviously doesn't need a chocolate bunny, so how about a soft, organic bunny that can become your baby's favorite attachment object? The Under the Nile Bunny Blankie Toy ($24) has a washcloth-sized soft body that perfectly snuggles against baby's face. Great for newborns up to 12 months (and above, if baby gets really attached to it). Press the soft toy against your body while you're nursing so it picks up your scent. After a week or two of having it on you when nursing, the bunny should begin to provide comfort and familiarity when baby's in new settings. The organic fabric is colored with non-toxic dyes, so you don't have to worry about baby sucking or gumming on the toy when he/she starts to teethe.

4. Easter Eggs

If your new baby is over 6 months old and you've introduced (or are ready to) finger foods, fill some plastic Easter eggs with toasted oat O's cereal or Annie's bunny eco eggs eastercrackers. For the Easter eggs, I've just learned about a non-toxic, eco-friendly option. Made in the USA Eco Eggs are made from reusable and renewable cornstarch. How cool!
5. Teether

bunny teetherWooden teethers are naturally BPA-free, phthalate-free and anti-bacterial. Personalized or no, a wooden bunny teether ($12 from hcwoodcraft on Etsy) is a sweet (and useful) addition to your new baby's Easter basket.
6. Baby Clothes

With spring here now and summer on its way, it's time to ditch baby's winter duds and start dressing her in new, warmer-weather attire. This short-sleeve bodysuit from RedThred Clothing Co bunny onesie($22) is adorable and made from 100% organic cotton. 
7. Natural Rubber Ducky

Once your new baby has graduated from the sponge baths of the newborn stage into the bath tub, it's time for tub toys! Even a little 4-month-old can enjoy holding onto a soft rubber ducky. The problem with most plastic tub toys is that they're made with PVC or other types of plastic that contain phthalates as softeners. hevea rubber toyPhthalates are known endocrine disruptors that interfere with baby's developing hormones. Rubber tub toys from Hevea ($21.95) are made with 100% natural rubber that don't contain phthalates.

Okay, did I say not to go overboard? Lol. I have to stop myself. I'm getting lots more ideas of what would be cute to put in baby's first Easter basket:

There are so many ways to make baby's first Easter healthy, non-toxic and fun. What the heck. Go overboard if you want to!

Enjoy making your new baby's first Easter basket and have a great holiday as a new mom!

Thanks for reading and sharing,

Tara Bloom, owner


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