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How to Increase Breast Milk - Put Down the Mints

Posted by Administrator to Breastfeeding
peppermints"Eat your oatmeal," breastfeeding mothers are frequently told about how to increase breast milk. But have you been told to put away your mints?

I hadn't heard such advice about how to increase breast milk until I read an article by lactation consultant Renee Beebe on the Milkmakers website. The article, "Foods That May Affect Milk Supply," gives a quick overview of some herbs, foods and beverages that can negatively impact breast milk supply and one of them, Ms. Beebe says, is peppermint. In particular, Altoids mints, which are made with a high concentration of pure peppermint oil, may be slowing down breast milk production. 

Says Ms. Beebe of Altoids mints, "Mothers who enjoy many of these candies each day have noticed a drop in milk production."

The "curiously strong" candies known as Altoids are made with peppermint oil, which has been historically used by women to reduce breast milk, particularly during weaning.

So if you're looking for how to increase breast milk and you have a mint habit, you should put away the mints and see if that helps!

In my family, we have a few people who are "addicted" to Altoids, popping several of them throughout the day. Personally, I've never cared for them, as I find the intense peppermint flavor distasteful. 

How about you? Will you have to kick an Altoids mints habit as a strategy for how to increase breast milk?

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