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Gifts for Late Pregnancy

Posted by Administrator to Pregnancy
A friend of mine emailed me last Friday to say his sister is in late pregnancy, the last 4 weeks, and he wanted to know some gift suggestions for her. What a great brother, right?!

Whether it's her birthday, a holiday, or you just want to give her something as a pick-me-up because she's got the late pregnancy blues, here are some gift ideas for these new moms in the home stretch:

1. A Hot Cup of Tea

During her last 4 weeks of pregnancy, she can help make labor go easier by drinking 3 cups daily of a red raspberry leaf tea. We have three kinds: Organic Third Trimester Tea (in tea bags), Tea for Two Pregnancy Tea (loose-leaf made from organic or wild-crafted herbs), and Bottom of the Ninth Tea (also loose-leaf made from organic or wild-crafted herbs). The Third Trimester Tea box is about 5-6 day supply. The Tea for Two Pregnancy Tea is a month supply, and the Bottom of the Ninth Tea is about a two week supply. They're all safe to continue to drink post-childbirth, so don't worry about having too much left over.

Personalize it!
Make this gift of late pregnancy tea extra-special by giving it along with a custom tea cup or mug. You might put a picture of the two of you on the mug, or order one with a special message or words of mothering wisdom on it.

2. Pampering Pedi

In late pregnancy, her legs are likely swollen, so we recommend either Foot Relief Cream (a peppermint lotion for pregnant legs and feet), Cooling Leg & Foot Cream, or the all-natural and organic Soothing Aloe Leg Gel (a peppermint gel). After her feet are feeling better, she can ask you or her partner to paint her toenails (she can't reach them now, after all!) with a gift of Scotch Naturals Nail Polish. She'll have toes ready for the big birth-day, thanks to you.

Personalize it!
Accompany this gift set of leg and feet pampering with a gift certificate to a local salon where she can bring her items and get the full pedicure treatment. Alternately, bring the gifts to her with your own coupon to pamper her yourself.

3. A Good Night's Sleep

She's probably not sleeping well in late pregnancy, but thinking she doesn't want to invest in a pregnancy pillow right now since the end is near. But if she doesn't have a pregnancy pillow, it really would make her last month so much more comfortable. We have the Pregnancy Wedge Pillow for under the belly (which she can also sit on after birth) or the Pregnancy Body Pillow which is a full-body support. If she ends up having a c-section, the Pregnancy Body Pillow will help her sleep during her recovery.

4. Postpartum Preparation

The triumvirate of post-birth items that every woman in late pregnancy should pack in her birth bag includes: Postpartum Bath Herbs, New Mama Bottom Spray, and Mama Bottom Balm. Trust me, she'll need these! First-time moms don't necessarily know what these products are for (because they haven't experienced birth yet and don't realize how sore and tender they're going be after it) and so they usually don't purchase these items for themselves. Help her be prepared for what's to come and be back on her feet sooner.

breastfeeding gift5. Cheers to Breastfeeding

For a less intimate gift, the Breast Little Gift Box is a nice duo of organic items for supporting her efforts to breastfeed her new baby. It's presentation-ready. You could add a box of Milkscreen Alcohol Test Strips along with a bottle of champagne, too.


mommy baby bonding6. For Mom & Baby

Another nice gift item is the Mommy & Baby Bonding Kit. This gift set that includes newborn skin care items and a couple of things for the new mom including an aromatherapy oil that can help her during labor to relax and after birth to re-balance her hormones. Everything in that is purely organic, too.

Hope these suggestions for gifts for new moms in late pregnancy help you, too!

All best,


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