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Gift Ideas for His First Father's Day

Posted by Administrator to Holidays

Father's Day falls on Sunday, June 19, 2011. With the holiday two weeks away—and you either pregnant or with a brand-new baby—I have some easy-to-execute and memorable gift ideas for you to make him feel honored, adored and loved on his first Father's Day.

And if these suggestions aren't up his alley, check out my holiday post, "5 Best Gifts for New Dads," for even more first Father's Day gift ideas.

1. If you're pregnant or mom to a new baby, your June Cleaver moments might be few and far between these days. Thanks to online shopping and bakeries like Eleni's New York, you don't have to be. Order up a batch of decorated Father's Day cookies or brownies for delivery. He'll not only appreciate the "sweet" gesture, but you know he's also going to offer you some.

2. Is your man a baseball guy? If you're pregnant, or recently had your baby, consider this unique Father's Day gift from Ball One—a Rawlings baseball personalized with your baby's footprint on it and either blue or pink stitching.

3. If baseball isn't his thing, but he's still a sports guy, check out Teamees for these really cute, sports-inspired baby blankets.

4. Nothing says "dad" quite like a daddy t-shirt, and when well-done, he might actually want to wear one. On Etsy, you'll find coordinating t-shirts for dads and their babies, like these from Chic Couture Boutique:

5. When I think "new dads," I think "cigars." Might your soon-to-be father think the same thing? If so, visit Tobacco Barn and use the contact form to email Ron about ordering personalized cigars for your man to hand out to celebrate baby's arrival. It's a custom order, so you can follow Ron's recommendations if you need help, or request your man's favorite tobacco if you know it.

6. I always try to include an electronic gift suggestion for men because in my family these gifts are always a hit. I'm leaning on CNET here, which suggests the Sony PlayStation 3 Slim as a Father's Day gift this year. Why might it be good for new dads? Because if his TV time is his favorite down time, he'll love the multi-functionality of this device. Besides playing new games in HD, the Sony PlayStation 3 Slim is also a Blu-Ray player, has built-in WiFi and web browser, and serves as a media hub to stream movies and TV shows from Netflix and his computer to the TV. After baby arrives, you'll both appreciate the flexibility of being able to stream movies any time day or night.

Did I mention you can also store over 25,000 baby photos on this—and see them in HD?

Any of these first Father's Day gift ideas strike your fancy? Leave your comments below.

Thanks for reading,


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