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Get Some Scotch to Help you Through the Holidays

Posted by Administrator to Pregnancy
pregnancy scotch

And I second that motion! Yes, Fit Pregnancy this month featured Scotch Naturals nail polish as one of their "Holiday Hot 7 Glam Beauty Buys" for pregnant and new moms. And why not?

Making it through the holidays during pregnancy can be challenging—there's the travel, the family stress, your fatigue, fragile emotions from pregnancy or postpartum hormones, and maybe even some sensitivity about your weight and changing body.

To help you better enjoy your pregnant holiday, order yourself, or the pregnant woman you love, some Scotch.

Scotch Naturals non-toxic nail polish, that is. (You didn't really think I was going to tell you drink alcohol during your pregnancy, did you?)

Scotch Naturals is a non-toxic nail polish in intoxicating colors that add safe, sophisticated shine to your holidays.

Even if your rings and high heels don’t fit anymore because of puffy fingers and swollen feet, you can still accessorize your fingers and toes!

Scotch Naturals nail polish is eco-friendly, water-based and, I repeat, non-toxic.
What’s more, it’s vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free and biodegradable.

scotch naturals holiday
The colors are fashion-forward and brilliant (plus I love that they’re cleverly named, playing on the themes of Scotland and scotch whiskey). Kiltlifter, a classic red, is one of our most popular sellers, and so is Neat, a light beige-pink neutral. For that reason, we picked those two to go into our Scotch Naturals Holiday Detox Trio Gift Set.

Packed in an understated, yet elegant, gift box, the set gives you a bottle each of the Scotch Naturals sticky base coat, high-shine top coat, and either the Kiltlifter red or Neat neutral nail colors at a discount of $5 off the normal price (plus, no need to find your own gift packaging).

Since the other neutral pinks are also popular with our pregnant customers, we put together the Scotch Naturals 5-Piece Holiday Gift Set that includes three shades of Scotch Naturals nail polish and the top and base coat that is priced at a $10 discount from the normal pricing. Here are the colors (they also come packed in the same box as above):

holiday gift pregnant
A pregnancy-safe, worry-free way to add a little cheer to your holiday beauty regimen, Scotch Naturals nail polish is a great pick-me-up for you, or the pregnant woman you love. Some ideas for how to use Scotch as an antidote for holiday stress:
  • Take Scotch Naturals nail polish with you to your own salon for peace of mind during a pregnancy mani/pedi
  • Give Scotch Naturals nail polish to the pregnant woman you love (or anyone who’s chemically sensitive, for that matter) along with a handmade coupon with an offer to do her nails for her
  • Give her Scotch Naturals nail polish with a gift certificate to a spa where she can get pampered
  • Hang a "do not disturb" sign on your door and take an hour to paint your own fingernails before bed, relaxing, reading and letting them fully dry
  • Ask your partner to rub your feet and then paint your toenails for you with Scotch Naturals
  • At your birth blessing or baby shower, have your girlfriends take turns painting your fingers and toes
Until then, sit back, relax and order yourself some Scotch Naturals.

Thanks for reading and sharing,

Tara Bloom, owner

A note: because Scotch Naturals nail polish is water-based, not acetone based like other nail polish, it takes some practice to learn to apply it effectively. You have to shake it well first to mix it, and put much less on the brush than normal nail polish. It's water-based, so too much on will turn into drops that run on your nails. Also, it stays pretty tacky until you apply the top coat and you have to avoid getting your hands wet for a couple of hours after applying. Instructions are included with each order of Scotch Naturals, but if you have any trouble, call or email us for assistance.


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