Garden Theme Baby Shower Kit

Garden Theme Baby Shower Kit
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Garden Theme Baby Shower Kit helps you put together thoughtful, meaningful activities for your garden-theme or spring-theme baby shower, including a garland of baby wishes and baby shower bracelets.

Use the enclosed note cards for guests to write down wishes for the new baby. They might be words of wisdom or inspiration, a story, expressions of hope, loving thoughts, or a favorite quote. Share the contributions out loud with the mom-to-be, then string the cards on the enclosed ribbon. When your garden-theme or spring-theme baby shower is over, the mom-to-be takes home the garland to hang in baby's nursery or put in the baby book. 

As a token of appreciation and a reminder to send good thoughts to the baby-to-be, each guest receives a baby shower bracelet to wear until the little one's arrival. 

Includes 8 eco-friendly cards (3 1/4" x 3 1/4") and a ribbon to make the garland, plus 8 bracelets (brown suede with turquoise cheerio bead). Made in the USA.
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