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Father to Be Fathers Day Gifts

Posted by Administrator to Gift Giving
For the father-to-be, choose Fathers Day gifts to honor his transition into parenthood. Whether with humor, poignancy, personalization or tribute as the theme, you can find Fathers Day gifts for the father to be in any price range that heíll love. 

This year, Fathers Day is on Sunday, June 16, so it's time to get shopping (or crafting). Here are 6 ideas for Fathers Day gifts for the father to be. 

And if you donít see any suggestions here that ring your bells, check out my previous yearsí list suggestions: 

6 Fathers to Be Fathers Day Gifts

pocket watch things remembered
1. Engraved Watch
Heís made time for your prenatal appointments or childbirth classes. When the time comes, heíll help you time your contractions. His role in your life is about to change with fatherhood, because whatever happens in the future between the two of you, youíre bound together in partnership as parents. Take the time to engrave for him a smart pocket watch this one (, $39.00) or wrist watch with a message such as ďIíll love you for all time. Happy first Fathers Day.Ē Classic.

diaper dude bag
2. A Diaper Dude Bag
Would your father to be love to have this bag? How about one with his favorite baseball team logo on it? The Diaper Dude has messenger style diaper bags, backpack style diaper bags, baby carriers, pacifier holders and more with a variety of unique prints and designs, including Major League Baseball team logos and colors. The bottom line: the new father is going to be excited about many things, but toting around his new baby with your feminine diaper bag isnít one of them. Give him a bag of his own (, $50-$70 price range).

3. A Break from Baby Stuff
As much as your pregnancy is absolutely the most exciting thing in his life ever, the father to be might really like a break from it for his first Fathers Day. Much like Motherís Day gifts often include activities AWAY from children or a break from day-to-day routines, such as spa days and brunch out at a restaurant, his first Fathers Day gift could be a day of respite from pregnancy. Naturally your nine months to motherhood should be about you, but on this one day, give him a day off and make it about him. Has it been a while since he went out golfing? Would he love to go to a baseball game? When was the last time you two saw a movie togetheróeven an action film or superhero flick? Customize an experience he'd love and write him a coupon that says "Good for one day FREE of any baby or pregnancy talk." And for heaven's sake, don't ask him to paint the nursery or assemble a crib on his day.

wine wear
4. Customize a Bottle of Wine
You may not be drinking, but that doesnít mean he isnít enjoying a good bottle of wine, right? I found custom wine bottle labels you can personalize with his name on it. One lovely one, from Emerald Coast Wine Cellars, reads ďA fatherís journey begins with his childÖand continues with each step together. Happy Fatherís Day!Ē For something to honor what a superhero heís been through your pregnancy, Wine Wear has a bottle cover that looks like Supermanís outfit. Order wine to go with it, or just order the label and attach to your own selection. (, $2 and, $3.49)

be prepared handbook new dads

5. A Guide Book to Fatherhood
You may have stacks and stacks of books about pregnancy, breastfeeding and parenting, but most books are written with the mother in mind. The father to be may find that the information presented in these books doesnít address some of his specific thoughts or concerns about his role as a father. A book thatís written by a dad for new dads may be a welcomed gift for the father to be on Fathers Day. Check out the well-reviewed Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook for New Dads (, $16).

6. Honor His Aspirations
Is the father-to-be looking forward to playing catch someday with his son? How about taking his little girl to Disney World or Disney Land? Building Lego sets together? Does he dream of the day he'll introduce your offspring to Star Trek or video games? Itís likely that you and your partner have spent some time talking during your pregnancy about what he sees himself doing in his role as Dad. Choose a gift for his Fathers Day that shows you value and support the unique contribution that he's going to make in your child's life. Some specific ideas to correlate with the respective ideas above: 
  • Dad-sized and child-sized baseball gloves
  • tickets to Disney World (or Disney Land) with no expiration date
  • a Lego set
  • the collector's set of his favorite movie or TV series.
What fathers to be Fathers Day gifts sound like the right ideas for your expectant father?

Thanks for reading and sharing, 


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