FanSea Bands for Morning Sickness Relief - Pink

FanSea Bands for Morning Sickness Relief - Pink
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Use FanSea Bands for Morning Sickness Relief and feel better almost instantly without advertising your pregnancy. No one has to know you're feeling nauseated because FanSea Bands are the first shimmery and shiny jeweled bracelet for relieving nausea (whether from pregnancy, motion sickness, chemotherapy or medication). 

Morning sickness is most common in the first weeks of pregnancy--before you're ready to share the news at work and with the public. FanSea Bands allow you to have constant, all-day morning sickness relief while just looking like you're wearing jewelry.

The 100% natural form of morning sickness relief comes from gentle acupressure. FanSea Bands have a plastic button inside the wristband that you position over your acupressure point on the inside of each wrist, two finger widths below the base of the wrist. Within five minutes you should have morning sickness relief. For added help, you can press on the button with your finger, intensifying the pressure. (Hint: you have to wear them on both wrists for it to work.)

FanSea Bands are reusable, latex-free and made in the USA. Not everyone will have the same result; effectiveness of the morning sickness relief varies woman to woman. Fits wrists 6" to 8" around. 

Available Styles: Square Jewel or Heart Jewel

Set of 2 wristbands.
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