Created by a high-risk pregnancy obstetrician, our selection of mineral makeup for pregnancy is not only safe for your baby, but also great for your hormonal skin. 

Pregnancy acne, dark spots on your face, uneven skin tone...Your face often goes haywire through the hormonal fluctuations of discontinuing birth control, getting fertility treatments, early pregnancy, and postpartum. 

Unfortunately, most of the makeup we put on our face isn't actually very good for it. Petroleum ingredients such as mineral oil along with propylene glycol, both commonly found in foundations and concealers, are associated with skin irritation, eczema and dermatitis. Dimethicone, another common ingredient in mineral foundations and concealers, covers pores, actually suffocating them and locking in bacteria that can fester into acne. Bismuth oxychloride, a filler that's used in almost every brand of mineral makeup is a known irritant that clogs pores, irritates skin and worsens acne. 

The natural ingredients in our mineral makeup for pregnancy help heal pregnancy acne and prevent melasma. Jojoba seed oil, allantoin from comfrey root, bisabolol from chamomile, and zinc oxide along with other amazing natural ingredients in our mineral concealer, foundation and blush help fight acne, reduce scarring, boost your skin's cellular turnover, moderate melanin production and provide natural SPF.
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