Face Washes

Why choose a pregnancy facial wash? 
  • Pregnancy acne affects 99% of expectant mothers
  • Melasma, or the mask of pregnancy, affects 70% of expectant mothers 
  • Face wash typically contains lathering agents, preservatives, packaging and fragrance that expose you and your baby to xenoestrogens, chemicals which act as false estrogen in the body and are associated with reproductive development anomalies in children and which could worsen your experiences of both pregnancy acne and melasma 
The pregnancy facial wash selections at Maternitique are all free of xenoestrogens, to help reduce your body’s exposure—helping improve your complexion—and your baby’s—helping to minimize the impact of these chemicals in your baby’s vulnerable and developing reproductive system. 

Plus, our facial wash selections for pregnancy also contain helpful ingredients to safely improve your pregnancy acne, minimize your experience of melasma, and experience the beautiful, radiant pregnancy glow you deserve. 

Whether you have normal, dry, sensitive, oily or combination skin, you’ll find the pregnancy facial wash here that delivers the two things most important to you as a new mother: beautiful skin and peace of mind.
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