Door Hangers for New Mom & Baby

Door Hangers for New Mom & Baby
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The "Do Not Perturb" set of 4 Door Hangers for the New Mom & Baby from Egg2Cake tells would-be visitors that now may not be the best time to pop in on you.

In the first days of motherhood, you're trying to get your bearings and a daily shower. There may be times when you're simply not up to having people drop in on you (even your family members). If you find yourself able to take a nap, you may not want the doorbell ringing.

When you want to protect your space and boundaries, these humorous and eye-catching door hangers effectively get the point across.

Set of 4 breastfeeding door hangers includes:
- "Do Not Perturb. Cranky mama on the other side."
- "Do Not Disturb. Mama's having a timeout."
- "Do Not Disturb. New mama under wraps."
- "Enter at Your Own Risk. Baby sleeping inside."

The back of each door hanger reads: "Enter; proceed without caution."

Like all Momglish stationery products from Egg2Cake, the Do Not Perturb Door Hangers for New Mom & Baby are eco-friendly and made in the USA of FSC-certified paper with 10% PCW (recycled content) and vegetable-based inks.

4 x 10". Thick card stock. 4 door hangers. 
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