Cleansing Grains 3 oz

Cleansing Grains 3 oz
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Designed to cleanse, smooth, clear acne and minimize pores for pregnant skin, Cleansing Grains from 3Girls Holistic works as a facial scrub or facial mask to absorb excess oil, unclog pores and heal acne inflammation without over-stripping your skin of its beneficial oils.

Formulated for women at any stage of life, Cleansing Grains are especially useful for pregnant women, postpartum women and women experiencing any stage of hormonal disruption. The healing, purifying and restorative natural ingredients—including clay, oats, chamomile, comfrey, rose, and tea tree oil—help balance your skin's natural oil production while helping to slough off dead skin cells, dirt, bacteria and impurities.

Use Cleansing Grains in several ways to benefit your pregnant skin:
  • with a little water as a gentle daily facial scrub
  • with a little more water as a weekly facial mask
  • mixed with Gentle Face Cleanser for a deeper facial scrub
  • mixed with water or Gentle Face Cleanser for troubled acne-prone spots on your body
Who's It For? All skin types, especially acne-prone and sensitive skin.

Ingredients: Oat Tops*, White Kaoline Clay, Almonds*, Chamomile*, Comfrey*, Lavender*, Poppy Seed*, Rose*, Essential Oils of Ylang Ylang and Tea Tree

* Certified Organic ingredient

3 oz
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