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Celebrate Your Beautiful Pregnant Skin

Posted by Administrator to Skin Care
As your baby grows, your pregnant skin expands to accommodate your blossoming womb. After baby’s arrival, your skin contracts again. In the following Pregnant Pause, you'll be guided through a mindfulness activity designed to help you celebrate your pregnant skin's amazing abilities.

What You Need: a safe lotion, butter, cream or oil made for pregnant skin
Where You Need to Be: a quiet, comfortable place where you can be nude and uninterrupted
Time Required: 15-20 minutes

beautiful pregnant womanWith your lotion or body pregnant skin oil, bring yourself to a quiet place, such as a bedroom or bathroom. Choose a comfortable position such as reclining against pillows in your bed, or sitting comfortably on a chair, bench or stool in your bathroom. Close your eyes and listen to your breathing for a few breaths.

Now, begin to reflect on how miraculous it is that your pregnant skin stretches now and will reduce later, serving your body’s changing needs. Consider the negative thoughts you’ve had about your skin before—that it’s full of imperfections, bumps, cellulite, or that you dislike it's tone or color, or that it's allergice or extra sensitive, or whatever your complaints.

Now let all those negative thoughts go.

Replace each negative thought with a positive one instead: “My skin is a beautiful color.” “Each mark on my skin is unique to me.”

Begin to consider your skin with loving kindness and the respect it deserves for the amazing work it’s doing during your pregnancy.

Starting at your ankles, one leg at a time, apply lotion to your skin with slow, deliberate strokes. With your fingertips applying gentle pressure to your skin, notice how soft it is. Feel how your skin gives as you press down, and rebounds as you remove pressure.

Now, using two hands, apply lotion to your abdomen and hips, moving your hands in circles and sweeps over the roundness of your body. Visualize the hard work it is for your skin to stretch around your belly and your expanding hips. Think gratefully about your skin’s willingness to stretch for your baby.

One at a time, begin to massage the skin of your breasts using a small amount of lotion or oil in the palm of one hand. This skin here, too, expands for your changing body. Imagine the moisturizing oils and butters in the lotion penetrating your skin cells and diving deep to massage the individual fibers that each have to stretch.

Now, one arm at a time, begin at the wrist and smooth lotion over the skin of your arms. Notice your freckles and moles, the hair on your skin and the variations in tone from above and below. Close your eyes and think of your baby’s skin, growing cell by cell inside you now, coated in protective vernix and amniotic fluid. As your body moisturizes and feeds your baby’s skin, so can you moisturize and feed your own.

Close your eyes again and relax your arms and hands, either on your body or at your side. Be aware of how good it feels to have fed your skin in this way, of how your legs, torso and arms feel refreshed. Be mindful of the beauty of your skin.

The "Pregnant Pause" series is written by Maternitique CEO Tara M. Bloom to encourage aspiring moms take 15 minutes a day to be mindful of and present with the changes pregnancy makes in your life.

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Todd Date 9/27/2014
The above photo is really nice,but I must confess that I had rather see a pregnant woman's belly at fullterm when they're so big and round and beautiful!!!!!!!!!

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