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Breast Stretch Marks Are Common

Posted by Administrator to Skin Care
Breasts are a common location for stretch marks resulting from pregnancy and breastfeeding. If you’re interested in preventing pregnancy stretch marks and dutifully applying oils or lotions to your abdomen, don't neglect your decolletage!

breast stretch marksBreast stretch marks are common because throughout pregnancy, your breasts will grow at least a cup size, often more. As your breast milk comes in during your first month postpartum, you can see another large, sudden increase in breast size that will then decrease almost as suddenly when your body finds its stable spot.

These rapid fluctuations in size strain the tissue of your breasts. And, because breasts contain lots of fatty tissue, they’re especially susceptible to stretch marks.

The surge in size makes your breasts prone to thin, silvery white stretch marks during pregnancy and in the first months of breastfeeding.

Help the skin on your breasts grow and stretch without streaking by:
  • applying moisturizers to your breasts as early in your pregnancy as you can (check out the specially formulated breast stretch mark cream)
  • getting fitted for new bras during pregnancy and afterward, so you have a strong, supportive band and adequate cup support
  • drinking lots of water
  • eating foods rich in skin-nourishing vitamins and fats
The good news about these common stretch marks on breasts in new moms is that they’re not as deep or severe as the stretch marks that appear on the abdomen or hips. Breast stretch marks tend to be less noticeable…but you will notice them if you get them. Like all types of stretch marks, it’s easier to prevent them than it is to hide or erase them.

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