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Books for Pregnancy Reading and Writing

Posted by Administrator to Pregnancy
Books for pregnancy reading and writing are on my mind at the moment because September is here and I'm finally catching my breath from the first weeks of "back to school."

My daughter is a junior in high school now and even though so much of her homework is handed in electronically, she still had to show up to school with new folders, binders, facial tissues, glue sticks, markers, colored paper, tape, USB flash drives and composition notebooks.

If you're a first time pregnant mom (or hope to be one someday soon), you have a whole lot of new things to learn.

Things you never knew existed are soon going to become indispensable and you'll learn things from strangers that you never knew you'd ever want to hear (you'll hear plenty you don't want to hear, too).

In short: you're about to get schooled.

Pull out your favorite pen and make a hot cup of tea and get ready to take notes. Here are my picks for your pregnancy reading and writing. As for arithmetic, you're on your own there.

Vocab Lessons

momglish dictionaryWith baby on the way, it's time you learned new words to describe the changes in your life. Words like "Parentnoia," "Fiscal conditioning," "Fearless breeder," and "engorgeous." The Momglish Pocket Dictionary is an amusing reference book to help you figure out what it all means. 4" x 5.75"; 94 pages.


Taking Notes

mamentos notepadDon't let pregnancy brain keep you from remembering the day, place and time you first felt baby kick. For help remembering all the exciting "firsts" and unique experiences on your pregnancy and parenting journey, keep the Mamentos Note Pad handy.

For Your First Poop Quiz

newborn feeding logAt baby's first couple of pediatric visits, you'll be asked for details about diaper changes (how often, what type, what they look like) and feeding (how often, how long). Get prepared for this "poop quiz" with the Newborn Feeding & Diaper Log booklet.

Get Organized

tummy talk journalKeep all your pregnancy discoveries in one place: inside the Tummy Talk pregnancy journal. Pockets for memorabilia, holders for photos and ultrasound images, and pages for you to write down all you want to remember of your baby's first nine months.

Now go hit the books!

Thanks for reading and sharing,


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