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5 Reasons Women Should Wear Their Own Maternity Hospital Gowns

Posted by Administrator to Maternity Clothes
Wearing your own delivery gown at the hospital may help you feel more relaxed & less frightened, ultimately helping you have a less painful birth. In one study, people reported increased feelings of fear and anxiety when they put on the hospital gown upon admission. And because women wearing their own delivery gowns are often complimented by their nurses and other women, they get a boost of confidence and positive reinforcement, which could also help on your big Birth Day. Read more reasons to pack your own delivery gown in your hospital bag.

6 Tips for Natural Childbirth

Posted by Administrator to Birth
Find out how to increase your odds of having the natural childbirth you want. In this blog post, Maternitique's CEO summarizes childbirth tips from the experts at Lamaze International. Much of pregnancy, birth and even motherhood can make women feel "out of control." These natural childbirth tips show you how to be in charge of some of the decisions that can impact your birth, health and your baby on your big "labor day."

Keep Calm and Trust Your Body

Posted by Administrator to Pregnancy
You know the "Keep Calm and Carry On" meme? I've created my own version for pregnant women and women in childbirth. Great message for doulas and midwives.

Emergency Childbirth Instructions

Posted by Administrator to Birth
Families with pregnant women at home should include childbirth instructions with their emergency preparations. Here are some you can print out and keep with emergency supplies.

Tao Te Ching Childbirth Quote

Posted by Administrator to Birth Quotes
This stunning, insightful quote about birth came from the Tao Te Ching. Written in the 6th century BC, it sounds like something Ina May Gaskin would say today.

Fear of Birth

Posted by Administrator to Birth
Many first time mothers-to-be experience fear of birth. If you have a fear of birth, here are some thoughts I hope reassure you and give you confidence.

Goodbye Lighten My Labor

Posted by Administrator to Birth
Childbirth support products made by an obstetric nurse to aid women in labor at the hospital are a thing of the past. I'm sad to say Lighten My Labor has closed.

Fear of Birth and Fear of Pregnancy

Posted by Administrator to Pregnancy
There's a name for having such an intense fear of pregnancy and or childbirth that it's a bona fide phobia. Do you know anyone with this phobia? I do.

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