Birth Bracelet

Birth Bracelet
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A Birth Bracelet is an unobtrusive and simply lovely adornment to wear through your pregnancy to remind you that although you and your baby are unique, you are not alone!

The faux suede circle for your wrist symbolizes mothers—the generations of women who have gone through this transformation before you, the many who are doing it with you, and the future ones who will soon be following you. 

The Ethiopian brass bead on the Birth Bracelet represents your unique pregnancy, your individual journey into motherhood. 

Draw on the imagery evoked from this simple symbol to inspire you for your upcoming birth. Birth Bracelets are also sold in packs of 8 for friends and family of the mom-to-be, to be worn as a reminder to send her love and support as she prepares to birth.

Handmade in the USA by a mom. Cut and tie to size.
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