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Belli Skin Care Set Giveaway

Posted by Administrator to Giveaway
It's time for a Maternity Monday Giveaway!

A few years ago, we ran Maternity Monday giveaways with regularity. It's been a while, so to make it up to you, we're now giving away five (qty 5) pregnancy skin care sets from Belli! Five lucky winners will receive in the mail a "Your Best Baby Bump Duo" (a $58 value, with free shipping to boot).

belli skincare giveaway
Belli's "Your Best Baby Bump Duo" includes full sizes (that's a two to three month supply!) of All Day Moisture Body Lotion and Elasticity Belly Oil. They're packed in a box and ready to gift or open and use for yourself.

Enter to win via Twitter and Facebook. You can also leave a blog comment as an entry.
Enter now! Good luck!a Rafflecopter giveaway
taylor walsh bullig Date 9/9/2013
28 weeks first baby is a girl and really hoping for no stretch marks! : )
Melissa Date 9/9/2013
I am still very early in my pregnancy, 1st trimester, & I have had stretch marks before. I am hoping to win so I can try your amazing products! Then go tell all my friends what an amazing product I found! Here's hoping!
Sylvia Date 9/9/2013
Hi, I am at 11weeks 4days now, hoping I won't get strech mark during pregnancy.
Crystal Date 9/9/2013
7 weeks PP. and I just started noticing my stretch marks! :( They're small thin lines but still bother me
Kristen Date 9/9/2013
I am at 33 weeks and have noticed my stretchmarks from my previous pregnancy starting to grow again :/ but my little girls are worth it ;)
Klaye Date 9/9/2013
I am almost 21 weeks pregnant and hardly showing. I have been very very sick with my second pregnancy. As of right now I have had 22 ivs, 10 er trips and 6 hospital stays that equal about a week each. While in the hospital I researched the best belly butter and this website popped up. I have been very impressed with my belly butter and would love to try other products. Remember, it is never to early to start a belly butter!
Ashley Date 9/9/2013
I am 31 weeks along in my pregnancy. I have a few small stretch marks on the side of my belly. I hope this cream will help!
cs Date 9/9/2013
Help!! 38 1/2 weeks- have been putting on lots of different stretch mark creams and lotions and so far none have helped! My stomach and hips look like a war zone! Would love to try this product!
Olivia Rubin Date 9/9/2013
Entering for my sister who due October 1st with her first child. It's a girl! I think she looks great..she says she has stretch marks and her feet look like canckles
Olivia Rubin Date 9/9/2013
Entering for my sister who due October 1st with her first child. It's a girl! I think she looks great..she says she has stretch marks and her feet look like canckles
Rachel Date 9/9/2013
I am 29 weeks with my third baby! I have had stretch marks but hope to keep them from getting worse!
Caroline Da Silva Date 9/9/2013
7 weeks pregnant and trying to avoid the stretch marks... :-)
Joy Date 9/9/2013
I am 18 weeks and have not had stretch marks yet by I use the mother love belly salve to hydrate my skin and I love it!
diana mathews Date 9/9/2013
At 34 weeks now.. I got my stretch marks in my first pregnancy
amy Date 9/9/2013
I'm already 33 weeks, but I love the belli products and will continue to use them even after this baby makes her way out!!!
Courtney Date 9/9/2013
This is my first pregnancy and I am 20 weeks and doing everything I can to keep stretch marks away!
Margarita Hernandez Date 9/9/2013
I am 11 weeks and I have stretch marks due to loss of weight prior to my pregnancy.
Suzette Date 9/9/2013
I'm 14 weeks and I don't have stretch marks on my belly yet but i do have stretch marks on my breasts :(
Silvia Date 9/9/2013
I am 5 wks pregnant and really trying to avoid stretch marks!!!
Erin Andrews Date 9/9/2013
I'm 18 weeks & haven't had any stretch marks before :)
Haley Date 9/9/2013
I am 17 weeks, no stretch marks yet but I have some on my hips from my teens. Would love to try this product!
Renae Date 9/9/2013
I've never had stretch marks before as my first pregnancy ended early in a miscarriage, but I am back in the "trying to conceive" phase again and very much hopeful and looking forward to the time when I'll be needing belly butter.
Hallie Date 9/9/2013
I'm 10 week and this is my first pregnancy so I'll do whatever I have to to avoid getting those stretch marks!
Nicolette DD 2/18/14 Date 9/10/2013
18 weeks pregnant and stretch marks run in the family, trying to make them not too obvious. Hoping to win so I can pass on the word of this amazing product!!
Angela Date 9/10/2013
I am about 24 weeks along and haven't had any stretch marks yet. First pregnancy though.. fingers crossed!
Kelly Date 9/12/2013
Heard great things about your product!! First pregnancy and trying to avoid stretch marks.
Bec Date 9/12/2013
I got appalling stretch marks across my breasts, but had NONE on my tummy...until about 3 days AFTER I had my baby, when suddenly a handful appeared!
Kristen T Date 9/12/2013
16 weeks along and hoping for no stretch marks!

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