Beaute de Maman Skin Care Combo for Pregnancy Acne

Beaute de Maman Skin Care Combo for Pregnancy Acne
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Buy the set and save! The Beaute de Maman Skin Care Combo is just what the doctor ordered for pregnancy acne. No, really. When the doctor couldn't find anything on the market she felt comfortable recommending to her pregnant patients struggling with pregnancy acne, she formulated her own! 

These two pregnancy skin care products, Facial Scrub and Face & Body Cream, were developed by a practicing obstetrician to help her patients have a safer skin care regimen to help clear and prevent pregnancy-induced acne. 

Suitable for all skin types, Facial Scrub for Pregnancy Acne and Face & Body Cream for Pregnancy Acne together help cleanse, restore, and protect your skin from the hormonal ravages of motherhood.

Facial Scrub (6 oz) is a creamy cleanser that does not suds. Instead, it contains micro-exfoliating beads that help unclog pores, remove surface dirt and make-up, all while helping to re-balance your skin's pH and oil levels.

Face & Body Cream (2 oz) relies on tea tree oil to help disinfect the skin without being harsh, like benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide has a terrible odor, which pregnant women are sensitive to, and it also stains clothing, sheets, bedclothes and can cause dark acne scars in women of color.

Together, this Beaute de Maman Skin Care Combo for Pregnancy Acne leaves your skin feeling baby soft, clean, refreshed, and in time, with much-reduced outbreaks. 

The Beaute de Maman Skin Care Combo for Pregnancy Acne is hypo-allergenic, and like all Beaute de Maman products, these items are free of sulfates, parabens, dyes, phthalates, propylene glycol, synthetic fragrance and BPA.

It's for you if you have: normal skin with sudden pregnancy outbreaks, combination to oily skin, sensitive or dry skin with acne, normal skin. Most effective on smaller, superficial outbreaks of acne; less effective with cystic acne. 

Directions: Use both products twice a day on areas of face and body after rinsing with warm water. Apply cleanser and massage into skin with round, circular motion for approximately one minute. Rinse thoroughly but gently. Apply a light layer of moisturizing cream. Avoid mouth and eyes. Warning: Stop use and consult physician if rash, irritation or redness develops.
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