BG Birthing Gown - Blueberry Buckle

BG Birthing Gown - Blueberry Buckle
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Part Number 2008
by BG&Co.
The "Blueberry Buckle" BG Birthing Gown is a soft, comfortable, sleeveless wrap-style dress for your hospital or birth center stay.

Made by BG&Co., the BG Birthing Gown is the design of a labor and delivery nurse who wants to help each new mom feel her most confident on the most important day of her life. Wearing the BG Birthing Gown in throughout labor, delivery and your stay in the hospital or birth center allows you to:
- relax, feel less anxiety and more positivity
- stay completely covered in front and rear so you can move about, walk and not be self-conscious during early labor
- squat, use a birth ball, or birth on your knees because of the dress's stretchy fabric
- have immediate skin-to-skin contact with your newborn
- keep your upper body mostly covered while you're making your first attempts at breastfeeding your newborn (in a hospital gown, you have to take off the whole gown, pull the entire thing down so your entire chest is exposed, or lift up on side and expose your post-baby belly to everyone.)

The Blueberry Buckle BG Birthing Gown has brown fabric with dark blue trim and ties, plus:
  • empire waist with long tie closure
  • sleeveless
  • velcro shoulders
Because of its adjustable tie waist, the BG Birthing Gown is one-size-fits-most. Made in the USA.
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