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9 Gift Ideas for Your Pregnant Wife on Mother’s Day

Posted by Administrator to Pregnancy
Mother's Day is soon upon us (it's Sunday, May 12, 2013) and if your wife will be pregnant then, the time to think about her Mother's Day gift is now.

This is in no way scientific nor conclusive, but I posed the following question on my Facebook page and to my Twitter followers last week: "When does a woman become a mother? In pregnancy or after baby is born?" 9 out of 10 women said, “Pregnancy!”

So, if you’re wondering if you should get something for your first-time pregnant wife this Mother’s Day, the answer is “yes.”

If your next question is, “Then what should I get my pregnant wife for Mother’s Day?”, here are some suggestions:

1. Gift Certificate for Maternity Clothes

Year after year, I see well-meaning husbands order maternity clothes for their wives at Maternitique, and year after year, more than half the ladies return the items because they either don’t fit or they weren't quite the right style.

If your wife is pregnant this Mother’s Day, you’re on the right track with wanting to give her special maternity clothes that make her feel and look beautiful. But because sizing, cut and fabric can make the difference between something she loves and something that just doesn’t work, let her choose the maternity clothes herself.

For the gift, purchase a maternity store gift certificate or two so she can pick out her own clothes and choose the correct size herself. Or, make her a “gift certificate” that promises her a day of shopping where you take her out.

2. Accessories for her Maternity Wardrobe

If a boxed and wrapped gift is what you really want to present to your pregnant wife on Mother’s Day, then be smart about it and choose items that have more flexibility vis-a-vis sizing.

For example, a colorful scarf can do a lot to refresh a woman’s wardrobe and make her current stash of maternity clothes feel a little more exciting to her. For you, it’s a win because a scarf is “one size fits all.” All you have to do is get a color and/or pattern that she’ll love to wear with one of her current maternity tops or dresses. You can do that, right? Sure you can!

You can even infuse your gift of a spring scarf with more sentiment by choosing a color to symbolize the sex of your baby (pink scarf for a girl, blue for a boy, yellow or green or gray if you don't know yet), or a pattern that represents the nickname you have your expected bundle of joy. For example, if you refer to your unborn baby as "bumblebee," choose a floral print. Little bird? Find a feather pattern scarf. Cub? Animal print. You get the idea!

Head over to and search for scarves. You'll have almost 500 options for women and you easily narrow by price, color and style.

3. Maternity Jewelry

If either of those two ideas feels too "iffy" for you, opt for something that never goes out of style: jewelry. Make Mother’s Day memorable for your pregnant wife with a gift of a bold bracelet, long necklace or a chunky necklace.

Why these choices for a pregnant woman? Any of these three options will draw attention away from her swelling belly and ankles when she wears it, so she'll not only feel loved, but also more beautiful.

We have two stunning sterling silver pieces that have been best-sellers for Mother's Day gifts: the Teething Ring Bracelet  and the Teething Ring Necklace. Because they come with a lifetime guarantee, are made of pure sterling silver and are designed for your new baby to safely chew on and play with while she's teething, these are heirloom pieces of jewelry she'll enjoy from child to child and can pass on through the generations.

4. Think Outside Maternity Wear

A blazer or cardigan for your pregnant wife makes a great gift on Mother’s Day because she can layer it over what she’s already picked out for her maternity tops and you don’t have to be too concerned about how it fits in the bust or belly, since both can be worn open.

Your primary size concern is to ensure the correct fit in the shoulders and sleeves. As for color and style, think about what she wears already and match it. You’ll have more options in terms of price and styles because you don’t have to shop in a maternity store for a nice spring blazer or cardigan.

5. A Card

I shouldn’t have to say, "Get a Mother's Day card for your pregnant wife," but since my husband has given me a card only once in the last three years we’ve been together for any occasion (birthday, Valentine's Day and all other holidays combined=1 card in total), I realize that I probably do have to tell you this. If your wife is pregnant this Mother’s Day, get her a card. Inside the card, write at least 3 things about her that will make her a great mother. She will treasure that card forever, I promise you.

6. A Top Notch Baby Bag

You can’t go wrong with giving your wife a gorgeous baby bag for Mother’s Day. The baby bag is an item she will use every day and which can say a lot about her. Even if she has one already from baby #1 or received one from a baby shower, she will love a second, very stylish one as an extra.

There are a variety of styles of baby bags available to suit the personality of your pregnant wife: from bohemian to classic to hot rod…you name it. Browse through our selection of BPA-free (a potentially toxic substance you want your wife and baby to avoid; it’s common in vinyl bag linings and waterproof diaper changing pads) baby bags from OiOi, or look at StorkSak and the new styles from Timi & Leslie for more popular choices.

7. Breakfast in Bed

Another tried-and-true Mother's Day hit is breakfast in bed. Might as well start the tradition while your wife is pregnant!

If you have older children and a pregnant wife, enlist the older kids to help you present Mom with breakfast in bed. As Dad, it's your job to teach them to honor their mother, show her respect and learn to enjoy giving to her.

The week before Mother’s Day, take the kids with you to get Mother’s Day cards and ask them for their ideas about what to make her for breakfast. On the Saturday before Mother’s Day, take the kids grocery shopping and buy the ingredients you need (bonus points for doing the whole week’s shopping, too!). That night, make sure you tell the kids you’re going to get them up early to help make Mom’s breakfast. Then, on Sunday morning, follow through and get them in the kitchen. Mother's Day breakfast for your pregnant wife can be as simple as peppermint tea, orange juice, fresh fruit, a toasted whole grain bagel with almond butter and yogurt. Or, as special as heart-shaped whole grain pancakes with fruit. It truly is the thought that counts.

8. Mother's Day Maternity Spa Day

Prenatal massage has a lot of benefits to offer your pregnant wife, making it a great Mother’s Day present. Stress relief is an obvious plus, but prenatal massage also helps ease her pregnancy aches and pains, reduces pregnancy-related swelling, and promotes circulation and oxygenation of the blood throughout her body and baby’s, too.

Call around to local spas to find out which ones offer special maternity care services like prenatal massage.

9. Pregnancy Skin Care

Your wife's sensitive pregnant skin is probably driving her crazy. Here's why:
Her belly itches and her skin feels dry.

She doesn’t want stretch marks and she’s worried about still turning you on as she gets larger and larger.

Her feet and ankles and fingers and face are swelling and she may even be getting light brown patches on her face, arms and shoulders.

In other words, your pregnant wife’s skin could use some TLC. Give her beauty and comfort in a box for Mother's Day, with one of our amazing organic skin care collections for pregnancy.

They smell scrumptious, they’re pure, safe and natural, and they’re designed specifically to help address all those skin care and beauty concerns she has.

This gift helps you tell your pregnant wife how beautiful you think she is on Mother’s Day and every day!

I hope those ideas help. Don't be afraid to mix and match, coming up with your own special combinations of gifts for your pregnant wife this Mother's Day.

Thanks for reading,


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