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5 Ways to Glow Through the Holidays During Pregnancy

Posted by Administrator to Pregnancy
Time seems to fly this time of year, with so much shopping, cleaning, organizing, entertaining, baking and travel planning that goes into the whirlwind of events from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day. If you’re pregnant through the holidays, your unique physical and emotional experiences that can make the holidays more challenging than usual.

The extra activity might be making you extra tired, especially if you’re in your first trimester, or your third (or, if your baby is just born now and you’re immediately post-pregnancy). You’re hungry all the time and surrounded with more high-calorie/low-nutrition foods than usual which puts a strain on your pregnancy weight control efforts.

Speaking of weight control, you’re feeling large and unattractive and totally un-enthralled with trying to dress your pregnant body. Topping it all off, your fatigue is showing and so are your hormonal ups and downs.

How can you glow through the holidays during pregnancy? Let me help.

1. Special Occasion Maternity Wear

What are you supposed to wear to holiday parties when you’re all belly and breasts? Be ready for any holiday soiree with a selection or two from our special occasion maternity wear collection at Maternitique. Maxi dresses like the Bianca Maxi Dress (XS to 3X) will do the trick for most body types, lengthening your silhouette and flaunting your top curves while downplaying the bottom ones. Pair with long earrings or a long necklace and low heels or even flats. Another popular dress is the beautiful red Jen Maternity Nursing Dress (sizes XS to XL) that looks stunning with heels and a black shoulder wrap or scarf to keep you warm out in wintry weather.

2. Pregnancy Heartburn Relief

Fattier foods, stress from family togetherness, or just plain eating too much—all of these things make heartburn likely to strike you if you’re pregnant this holiday season. Your stomach is smaller and your digestive system is slower during pregnancy, so large meals with heavy foods are a perfect recipe for causing heartburn in a mom-to-be. In addition to trying to eat smaller meals, have Organic Heartburn Tea or Lighthearted Tea on hand to help you get fast relief when holiday heartburn strikes. Safe for pregnancy and for everyone in your family.

3. Cankle Corrector

All the errands and running around, cooking and baking and holiday parties have you on your feet more and, as a result of the added fluid in your pregnant body along with the added time on your feet, your legs and ankles are starting to swell. This is another way in which long, floor-length maxi dresses come to the rescue! You don’t have to wear floor-length dresses everywhere, however. Instead, try an anti-swelling leg and foot lotion made for pregnancy such as Tummy to Toes Cooling Leg and Foot Cream or Soothing Aloe Leg Gel.

4. Reveal Glowing Skin

Pregnant skin troubles during the holidays typically fall into two categories: extra-dry and flaky or stressed and acne-prone. Sometimes, women see both types of troubles at the same time! To put your best face forward through the holidays during pregnancy, gently exfoliate away unattractive flakes that can clog pores and reveal your freshest skin with Moroccan Clay Renewing Face Scrub as a daily scrub or a weekly mask. In mornings, or after cleansing before you head out to parties, apply one or two pumps of Youth Glow Omega Face Serum to impart to a warm glow to your clean skin. Regular use of these two products will keep your skin clear, even its tone, and protect it from free radical damage such as fine lines and spots.

5. Pretty Pregnancy Polish

The holidays are a time for extra primping and prettifying, and your fingers and toes are no exception (even if you can’t reach your tootsies during pregnancy). Our Scotch Naturals water-based, non-toxic nail polish is even safer than other 3-free brands of nail polish, with absolutely no toxic substances in it whatsoever. Why introduce even miniscule amounts of carcinogens or reproductive toxins into your bloodstream when you can use utterly safe alternatives instead? Scotch Naturals nail polishes perform as well as salon brands (ok, not shellac or gel) when used with the top and base coats and applied to dry, buffed nail beds. Whether you go for creamy classics like Kiltlifter (classic red creme) or Hot Toddy (dark brown creme), or for snazzy shimmers like Smuggler’s Gold (gold shimmer) or Charmer (silver shimmer pictured left), we have the shades to give you peace of mind for all your holiday manicures and pedicures.

Let the holiday preparations begin!

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