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5 Personal Motherís Day Gifts for Pregnant Women

Posted by Administrator to Pregnancy
Motherís Day is less than a month away, so itís officially time to get organized and shopping. If you have a pregnant wife, pregnant sister, friend or other special pregnant woman in your life (perhaps your daughter), here are some ideas to help you make her feel loved, appreciated, supported and encouraged as a soon-to-be mom this Motherís Day. Get going! 

1. A Basketful of Beauty

This Mother's Day, offer the pregnant woman in your life a special collection of safe, effective beauty products made just for her. Why? Her skin is itchy, she's worried about getting stretch marks and she's worried about toxic chemicals present in many beauty and skin care products getting into her bloodstream during pregnancy and harming her fetus. So put her mind at ease and pamper her with comfort this Mother's Day with a basket full of goodies that address her unique concerns.

What to put in her Mother's Day Basketful of Beauty:

2. Fun Style for her Feet

How cute are these? I have a couple of pair of Tom's shoes, including the white ones I bought for my recent wedding and honeymoon. Whether it's her first Mother's Day or not, she'll enjoy having a new pair of "Mom Hearts" Tom's shoes this spring and the special Mother's Day message makes them all the more precious.

3. Pregnancy Reading Material

Books are a personal choice for women, especially during pregnancy. Here are some suggestions based on the characteristics and/or personality of the special pregnant woman in your life this Mother's Day:

- For something funny and light to just show you understand what she's going through these days, order her a copy of the little pocket dictionary, Momglish, which explains every new experience she's having from "Boobtopia" to "Peer Factor," and more. It's all about making her feel like she's being laughed "with" not "at."

- If your special pregnant woman is the more practical type (and maybe the more organized kind), pick her up a copy of Getting Ready for Baby: the Ultimate Organizer for the Mom-to-Be. It really is the ultimate in checklists, suggestions and organizing for everything from hospital bag packing to day care provider searches.

- Women who experience life reading, thinking and spiritually contemplating will enjoy Great With Child: On Becoming a Mother, a memoir about pregnancy that explores the spiritual journey of motherhood. Written by a Christian author, Great With Child is worth reading for anyone interested in the spiritual experience of pregnancy. (I'm not Christian, personally, and I found it a beautiful, inspiring read.)

- You can't go wrong with a cookbook chock full of healthy recipes for baby and mom. What pregnant woman isn't obsessed with food? Eating for Two: Recipes for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women by Robin Lim is indispensable.

4. Comfy PJs for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

It's a Mother's Day tradition in my family that the women give each other comfy pajamas. So, I'm sharing our family's tradition with yours.

The pregnant woman in your life this Mother's Day will not only be pregnant for several more months, but also breastfeeding. She could even be nursing for the next year or more. Give her a comfortable maternity nightgown she can enjoy through pregnancy and while breastfeeding. She'll love it!

5. Mother's Day Tea

Take time for tea with the special pregnant woman in your life, and help her pause and support her body, with an herbal tea date.

Bring her a basket of assorted pregnancy teas (I suggest my personal picks: Peaceful Mama Tea and Third Trimester Tea, along with a loaf of home-made whole wheat banana bread. You'll be nourishing her body, nourishing her spirit, and nourishing her baby all at the same time.

Have fun finding the right Mother's Day gift for the pregnant woman in your life. I look forward to celebrating her with you!

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