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3 Ways to Drink Pregnancy Tea in the Summer

Posted by Administrator to Pregnancy
Drinking herbal pregnancy tea can safely calm morning sickness, help you have an easier labor and delivery, and delivery much-needed vitamins and nutrients.

Even after pregnancy, specialty herbal teas can help your uterus shrink down faster and with less cramping (helping you look slimmer sooner) and help naturally increase your breast milk production.

In fact, pregnancy tea (and breastfeeding tea and postpartum tea) offer so many advantages for you and your baby that nothing should stop you from drinking it—except maybe the heat of summer!

Considering how hot it is all around the US (everywhere except here in Portland, Oregon where I still sleep with wool blankets at the end of July!), I've created a list of some alternate ways to cool off and enjoy the health benefits of drinking pregnancy tea in the warm weather.

3 Ways to Drink Pregnancy Tea in the Summer

1. Refreshing Iced Tea: Brew normally, but cool in fridge, then add ice. You can make multiple cups of this at a time to have a pitcher in the refrigerator always on hand for you. Add sprigs of fresh mint or wedges of lemon for extra flavoring.

2. Portable Tea Popsicles: Brew as much tea as you want for as many popsicles as you want. Add a touch of sweetener, if you want, then cool. Pour into popsicle molds and freeze.

3. Tea Lozenges: Brew your tea, then let it cool. Pour into a mini ice cube tray and freeze. Pop out your little iced tea lozenge to help you cool off during hot summer days or to immediately get relief from the nausea of morning sickness (use a morning sickness tea for this or peppermint or ginger herbal tea).

Herbal pregnancy tea (and again, breastfeeding tea) counts toward your daily hydration goals, so three 8 oz cups of herbal tea bring you that much closer to your goal of 80 oz of non-caffeinated fluids daily. Even if they're in the form of popsicles!

How do you like to drink your pregnancy tea in the summer?

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