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10 Great Gifts for Pregnant Women

Posted by Administrator to Pregnancy
Finding great gifts for pregnant women has never been easier or more fun. Have you gotten to that stage in life where it seems like everyone you know is pregnant? It happens. Celebrate the good news and generate some good karma for yourself by honoring the happy pregnant women in your life with great gifts they'll love.

Here are our top 10 picks for knock-out gifts for the knocked up women you know and love.

1. Prenatal Massage

prenatal massageI've said it before and I'll say it again: all pregnant women deserve the gift of prenatal massage.

Massage has plentiful physiological benefits for the mom-to-be, from helping to improve her circulation and oxygenation to easing pregnancy aches and pains and reducing swelling.

Be her hero and give her a gift certificate for prenatal massage!

Use to order a gift certificate that she can use at a nearby spa offering prenatal massage services.

2. Healthy, Itch-Free Pregnancy Skin Care Products

bun in the oven skin care
Pregnant women, even in the early stages of pregnancy, get really itchy skin. And chances are, whatever lotions and potions she's slathering on her body right now are filled with junk. (That's not the scientific term, but it'll do.) In fact, much of the junk in our daily body lotions, soaps and anti-stretchmark oils is actually drying and irritating to skin, which will make her feel even itchier.

The gift of organic, pure and healthy itch relief is available in pregnant gift sets from Mambino Organics...there's one to satisfy every price point:

Bun in the Oven Pregnancy Skin Care Pack (pictured above), $44
Anti-Stretch and Rebound Skin Duo, $38
Mommy Care Pack, $76

3. Smile-Worthy Stocking Stuffer

labor socksGirlfriends, moms and sisters can buy sweet and silly gifts for their pregnant women friends that the gals wouldn't get themselves.

So go ahead and be that friend! Make her smile with these fun Labor Socks, intended to go in her hospital bag.

These unique socks have non-skid bottoms, so they not only keep her feet warm in the chilly delivery room, but they also allow her to walk around without slipping.

Labor Socks, $9.99

4. Pregnancy Safe, Non-Toxic Pedicure

non-toxic nail polish setWhat, you may ask, is a non-toxic pedicure? Conventional nail polish is chock full of toxins that none of us should have in our bodies, but especially not pregnant women:

        • Formaldehyde
        • Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)
        • Toluene
        • Lead
        • Parabens
        • Synthetic Fragrance
Give her the gift of toxin-free colors for her fingernails and toes with a safer, healthier choice of nail polish. Scotch Naturals Nail Polish (individual colors are $14.99) is suitable for use in pregnancy because it's water-based color (not solvent-based) that's 100% biodegradable and hypoallergenic and completely free of all those nasties listed above. Give her one bottle, or a collection of bottles like the Holiday Detox Trio Gift Set pictured above ($39.99). Give her a homemade coupon for a manicure or pedicure by you, or give her a salon or spa gift certificate. Whatever your budget, she'll appreciate the healthy, colorful, thoughtful "tip" and your concern for her and baby's health and safety.

5. Peace, Comfort and Love in a Cup

pregnancy sleep aidThe journey of pregnancy is one filled with anticipation. Who is this growing inside me? What will my baby be like? What kind of mother will I be? Questions like these keep many an expectant mother up at night.

Help her sleep a little better at night with this unique, herbal sleep aid tea formulated by an herbalist and doula for safe consumption by pregnant women. By itself, Easy Naps & Calm Nights organic, loose-leaf tea ($18) is a great gift, but you can also pair it with any combination of herbal teas from Birds & Bees Teas to make a gift basket that will warm and comfort her through her entire maternity experience. Handmade in Colorado, the selections include Peaceful Pregnancy Tea ($18), Ripe & Ready Labor Tea ($18), Lighthearted Pregnancy Heartburn Tea ($18), Family Immunity Tea ($18) and Our Lady of La Leche Tea ($18).

6. Baby Safe Jewelry

jellystone fan necklaceWhat woman doesn't like a gift of jewelry?

The challenge with giving a pregnant woman the gift of jewelry is that she won't be able to wear it after her baby is born because babies are expert necklace snappers (oh, the pearls and pendants that have been lost!), earring pullers (ouch!), and bracelet grabbers.

Fortunately, the smart mom behind Jellystone Designs has created a colorful, trendy line of jewelry made of bright, bold, food-grade, BPA-free silicone that pulls double-duty as baby teethers.

Jellystone Designs bracelets and necklaces start at just $16 and can be worn solo or layered and combined.

7. What She Craves

cocoxan preggersLike jewelry, chocolate is a gift that just doesn't go out of style and is never off the mark.

During pregnancy, her hormones are working like crazy, her body is changing in every which way, she probably isn't sleeping well, she can't drink alcohol and darn it, she just plain deserves some chocolate!

Check out XAN Confections CocoPreggers chocolates for pregnant women. These individually wrapped chocolate truffles are infused with folic acid and DHA—the two most important nutrients her baby needs for safe development. Gift packs range from $4.86 for a 3-piece container to $39.99 for 30 pieces. Or, get pregnancy-tea-infused white chocolate truffles from our friends at Birds & Bees Teas. A 2-piece pregnancy chocolate gift box is $6 and a 5-piece is $14.

8. Bellycast kit

bellycast imprintShe may not know it now, but someday, she's going to really miss her big, pregnant belly. After her baby is born and grows into a young child, she'll be asked, "Was I in your tummy, Mommy?" "How big was I in your tummy?" "Where did I sleep before I was born?"

With a bellycast kit as a gift, she can preserve this moment of pregnancy, her beautiful shape, her protective belly full with child for that time in the future when she really will want to remember.

Belly Vita Bellycast Kit
, $36

9. Belly growth chart

bellychartHelp her track her belly growth and assorted pregnancy highlights along the way with the clever new Guesstation Belly Chart ($12.95).

Made to hang on the wall—horizontally, not vertically like growth charts for height—the belly chart describes pregnancy milestones she'll experience along the journey, such as "Mind over Bladder" (frequent attempts to get to the toilet as quickly as possible) and "Obsessive Consumption Disorder" (pregnancy nesting and putting together baby's nursery).

The other side of the Guesstation Belly Chart is made to track baby's length and weight changes, too. She'll laugh all nine months long and more and thank you for years to come for this great keepsake.

10. Morning Sickness Relief

Some women are lucky enough to not get morning sickness (don't hate me: I was one of them), but others suffer from morning sickness throughout their nine months.

Be a friend to the pregnant woman you love with a gift of a morning sickness relief basket. It's simple to do. Fill a basket with a can or two of ginger ale, a couple of lemons, some Keep It Down Tea for morning sickness ($13.50) or Morning Wellness Tea ($6.75), saltines, a pair of FanSea Bands anti-nausea wrist bands ($19.99) and an assortment of Preggie Pops ($3.95) and Preggie Pop Drops ($6.75). She'll be feeling better in no time, and will have you to thank you for it!

Happy gift-giving!

Thanks for reading and sharing,

Tara Bloom, owner

Michael-Lyn McBride Date 12/17/2013
What great gift ideas!

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